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    Reasons of Abnormal Salivation While Sleeping

    16 Jan 2014

    • By Stephanie & Lucas

      Reasons of Abnormal Salivation While Sleeping

      Salivating is normal but if it is triggered by internal health problems, extra care needs to be taken. Let’s take a look at some causes of abnormal salivation.

      1. Unhealthy dental and oral hygiene or infection

      Dental andoral infections tend to cause excessive salivation which leads to overflowingof saliva from mouth while sleeping. For example, food remnants that were leftunattended in teeth for an extensive period will lead to formation of tartar,causing gum infection and minor bleeding. This will then make our saliva salty.This type of saliva will leave a yellowish stain on bedding products over time.Taking good care of your oral and dental hygiene will help prevent thesedisorders.

      2. Facial nerve disorder leading to excessive salivation

      Facial nerve disorder or paralysis can follow a nasty cold or if face is exposed to extreme coldness or wind, leading to abnormal salivation. Thus, it is advisable to protect our face from extreme weathers using scarves or beanies.

      Disproportionately grown teeth force people to sleep with an open mouth causing abnormal salivation. A visit to the dentist and getting dental braces might help cure this disorder.

      3. Overuse of brain

      Overuse of brain, fatigue or intake of unusual medication might cause neurological disorder. This might cause the brain to send wrong signals which lead to abnormal salivation. Adequate rest and a healthy diet will improve health and mood, increasing the body’s natural defense. If abnormal salivation prevails, it is wise to visit the doctor to get to the bottom of the problem.




      1. 口腔不卫生,有炎症


      2. 面神经和前牙畸形导致睡觉造“口液”

      面神经炎也就是“面瘫”, 就是面部受凉、吹风或感冒后出现流口水的情况;而牙齿如果长得不整齐,属于前牙畸形,睡觉的时候可能就闭不完整,自然而然把嘴巴打开,就容易发生流口水的情况,而这种情况唯一能做的就是矫正牙齿了。

      3. 用脑过度的人睡觉也不忘了流口水





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