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    Pillow Science – Choosing the Perfect Pillow Just Got Easier

    22 Oct 2013

    • by Stephanie

      Ever wondered why there are so many different types of pillows? Do we really need the variety or are they just marketing gimmicks aimed at our bank accounts? Now, before we delve deeper into the issue, let’s be reminded that we spend 1/3 of our time sleeping each day. This also implies that we spend 1/3 of our lives in dreamland. So, it makes perfect sense to put more effort in getting the right pillow. To make our lives easier, this guide here is created to help us all make the perfect pillow choice.

      Sleeping Position – Determines level of firmness needed to keep head in a neutral position.

      Back Sleepers – Medium firmness pillow which properly supports the neck , allowing the upper back and spine to remain level.

      Side Sleepers – Firm pillow which helps the head and neck to stay high enough, keeping the body in a horizontal line

      Stomach Sleepers –Flatest or softest pillow that supports the head and neck at a comfortable position.

      For sleepers who sleep in all three positions, a medium firmness pillow is best to accommodate all sleeping positions.

      Fill Type

      Natural Fill

      Down Fill – The most luxurious fill. It provides superior loft, softness, lightness, warmth, fill power and breathability. It also conforms to preferred form better than foam or fibre pillows. Although costly,with proper care, the down pillows can last a lifetime. However, it is not suitable for people who are prone to allergies.

      Down-Feather Mix Fill – A more economical fill. Firmness depends on mix ratio. The more feather in the mix, the firmer the pillow. Feather pillows normally provide more support for head, neck and spine.

      Down Alternative Fill – Usually filled with cotton, wools or natural fibres. Down alternative fill may be heavier than down but imitates the softness and smoothness of down, without fear of allergies. Cotton fill in particular is the more popular choice for down alternative pillows. It is absorbent, firmer and offers more support. However,like other down alternative pillows, cotton pillows tend to get flat relatively quicker than down pillows.

      Synthetic Fill

      Synthetic Fill – Man-made and usually polyester, synthetic fill is generally less expensive. This fill does not match the lightweight and warmth of down but has some attractive advantages. It is easy to clean and does not change shape or lose loft when wet. As it is man-made, synthetic is extremely hypoallergenic.However , this fill have shorter life span and does not adapt to head and neck as well as other more expensive fills.

      Memory Foam Fill – Usually refers to Visco Elastic Memory Foam, a by-product of NASA space technology and a big revolution in the bedding industry. It is a compact temperature sensitive spongy material which molds and contours to body weight and temperature. People who have neck and back problems will benefit from this firm pillow.


      Cover’s quality determines the ability of cover to keep fill from getting out and impurities from getting in. It also serves as another layer of protection to pillows and thus some covers are specially treated, making them stain free, anti bacterial and water resistant.



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